Vienna – Due to an new law  it is now punishable to harass women in front of an abortion clinic or hand out any kind of “Pro-Life” material. The law which came into force on the 5th of June gives abortion providers the chance to send “Anti-Choice Activist” away by the police. Activist who come back within 12 hours have to face a fine in the amount of 100 to 200 €.

Christian Fiala, head of the abortion clinic “gynmed” and gynecologist, even calls it a “milestone”.

“This law is not really a bubble zone law as in France or BC in Canada. But it enables us to call the police and it gives the police the legal basis to remove the demonstrators in front of the clinic.

This is what we did last Monday for the first time since the harassment started some 15 years ago. The fanatics were outraged but had to obey and leave the place. Since it has been unusually quite in front of our clinic.”