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Human Life International is an outspoken enemy of reproductive choice, both in the US , where it is based, as well as internationally. International advocates for family planning and SRHR like UNFPA, and our allies in Poland, the Philippines, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Kenya and Nigeria (among many others) know only too well that local policymakers are willing to accept HLI’s outrageous claims as fact.


Advocates like you need to be able to refute HLI’s claims, and show decision makers the truth about the organization. A new report in the Catholics for Choice Opposition Notes series will help you do just that. I’ve attached a copy for you to use in your work. It is also available on our website here.

CFC’s opposition research on HLI exposes the truth and uncovers some shocking information. HLI has developed a reputation for scandal as extensive as any that we have come across in our 25 years of opposition research. HLI may be one of the better-known antichoice groups, but its reputation far outstrips its real influence. In fact, HLI is far better known for scandal than it is for effectiveness. Its infractions over the past 30 years include accusations of racism, incitement to violence, infighting, a woeful lack of managerial oversight, financial malfeasance, nepotism and sexual misconduct.


I encourage you to use the information we’ve put together here to debunk HLI’s claims and counter its perceived legitimacy. Please share this with your colleagues by email and Facebook. Give a copy to policymakers when HLI is stirring up trouble in Congress, in parliaments, and at the UN. Tell reporters and bloggers the truth when they’re giving HLI underserved attention in the media. Let us know who should have a hard copy of our research, and we’ll make sure they get it. We can send you hard copies if needed.


As always, we believe opposition research is only effective if it’s actionable—and actually used to further our common advocacy. I hope this report meets that standard, and that you can and do use it. Let us know what you think about the report, if you have other information we should know about HLI, and how we can be helpful to you.


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Catholics for Choice – In Good Conscience


On 18 september 2010, Swiss fundamentalist anti-abortion groups (all of them rather small) will hold a manifestation with an oecumenical mass (evangelical and catholic) on the streets of Zürich, “March for Life”, similar to the march which will be hold in Berlin, Germany, on the same date.

No church was willing to host them for the mass. That why they will celebrate it on a public square.

The sponsors are:

Arbeitsgruppe Jugend & Familie (youth and family, grouping traditional families with 3 or more children) Christen für die Wahrheit christians for truth EDU Schweiz evangelical political party (very small) Familienlobby Schweiz very conservative lobbying group Human Life International Ja zum Leben yes to life, this is the only group of any numerical importance. Pro Life an organisation organizing collective health insurance for its members (who have to declare that they will never have an abortion) Zeitschriften ‘ethos’ und ‘factum’ conservative christian journals Zukunft CH, fundamentalist political pressure group (no significance)

A Swiss parliamentarian of the right-wing “Swiss peoples party” (Schweizerische Volkspartei, ) will be the main speaker. This party, although being conservative and cherishing the traditional family model, is very much divided on the abortion question.

Up to now they have only received 872 signatures to their manifesto.

Bioethics Committee of the Swiss Bishops’ Conference

The Committee has a consultative status with the Bishops’ conference on questions of reproduction, genetic engeneering, stem cell research etc.

Among the 11 members there are at least 3 leading members of Human Life International (Swiss section). One of them is presiding the Committee.

Only 1 female member.