WGNRR: September 28 Global Day of Action website


We are very excited to announce that the website for the September 28 Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion is now live!

This website is a platform for all reproductive justice activists who have chosen to mobilise on September 28 Global Day of Action to make their demands heard. The website records the actions individuals, organizations and governments worldwide are taking to defend, protect and fulfill women’s right to accessible, safe and legal abortion. It offers resources and educational materials on abortion rights advocacy as well as equips activists with hands on materials for action taking.


We encourage you to share your planned activities for September 28 and we welcome your agreement to feature your activities and your calls for action along with your logos on the website.  You can see the examples of the planned actions by several organizations which mobilise for September 28 in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America here: http://www.september28.org/september-28-actions/


If you wish your activity to be featured on the website, please send us an email to sept28global@wgnrr.org following the suggested format:


Name of the Organisation:



Name of the event:


Location of the event and contact details:


(Please indicate the exact address and the contact numbers – optional)


Type of the event:

(Public action: street demonstration, banner-drops, information stands, street play, flash mob, photo/art exhibit; Awareness raising activity: forum, meeting, workshop/training, cultural event; Other, please specify)


Short description of the event:


(Please tell us what your event is all about; who is your target audience; how many attendees you expect to have; what issues you will address; who will be your speakers; what outcomes/results do you expect the event to achieve; how will you involve young people; any other relevant information)


Do you mind if the information about your event is mentioned on September 28 website?   Yes/No


(We will appreciate if we can mention the information about your event, so that those interested can join in action. However, if you have any security concerns, please inform us)


Furthermore, we have developed visual materials for WGNRR members, partners, and all reproductive justice activists to be used on the Day of Action, which we gladly share with the members of the International Campaign. The materials can be downloaded, printed and further distributed through your networks or used during your event. All downloadable materials in English, French, Spanish can be found here: http://www.september28.org/take-action/


If you wish to have materials translated into other languages to accommodate different contexts, we can easily assist you with translation and design.
So check out the website – explore, get inspired, and connect with other groups and individuals, and together let’s build towards a powerful global day of action to demand access to safe and legal abortion!


In Solidarity,