Sign Petition: Women imprisoned for murder of her fetus after suicide attempt:


Numerous organizations and leaders who identify themselves as “pro-life” have assured the public that state murder and feticide laws that create special penalties for harming fetuses would not result in the arrests of pregnant women. Terry Curry, the Marion County Prosecutor, however is using these laws as the basis for arresting pregnant women who take any intentional action that could harm the fertilized eggs, embryos, or fetuses inside of them.

In 2010, Bei Bei Shuai, a pregnant woman living in Indiana became so depressed that she attempted to end her own life. With help from friends who intervened, however, she survived. Although Ms. Shuai did everything she could, including undergoing cesarean surgery, to ensure that her baby survived, her newborn died shortly after birth.

Ms. Shuai was arrested for the crime of murder (defined to include viable fetuses) and feticide (defined to include ending a human pregnancy at any stage). The sentence for murder can be the death penalty or 45 years-to-life. The sentence for attempted feticide is up to 20 years. Both of these kinds of laws are promoted and supported by “pro-life” organizations.

Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life has said that the “pro-life movement is not out to punish women.” Yet, as of March 14th Ms. Shuai, will have been imprisoned and punished for an entire year. (Bail is not allowed when the charge is murder).

Indiana’s murder and feticide statutes were passed in response to violent attacks on pregnant women and with the promise that they would be used to protect pregnant women and the fetuses they carry from such assaults. Instead, in a blatant bait and switch maneuver these laws are being used to lock-up pregnant women.

If this prosecution is allowed to go forward, the law will not just apply to one desperate pregnant woman who attempted suicide — it will:

• Create legal precedent that makes every woman criminally liable for the outcome of her pregnancy.
• Empower police officers to decide which of the twenty to thirty percent of pregnant women who suffer miscarriage and stillbirths each year will be subjected to bedside interrogations, arrests, prosecutions, and imprisonment.
• Leave no doubt that women who intentionally end their pregnancies may be charged with murder if Roe is ever overturned.

By continuing this prosecution, Mr. Curry is making clear that the “Pro-Life” position is really the “Pro Life-Sentences-For-Pregnant-Women” position. Please join this petition to the Marion County Prosecutor to drop all charges and to free Bei Bei Shuai now.