Another example that the term”protection of the family” is just an euphemism for “protection of patriachy”


The bill on family protection was submitted to the Parliament on Friday ( It was submitted by four Chirstian Democratic MPs and not the government. This way they could submit the bill without any social consultation about it. Also, the bill was submitted on Friday, and Monday morning the relevant Parliamentary committee decided to debate the bill the same day in the afternoon, giving no time for MPs or civil society organizations to go through it thoroughly.


The bill contains the following definition of family:


“Art 7. (1) When applying this law family shall mean the relationship between natural persons in an economic and emotional community that is based on a marriage between a woman and a man, or lineal descent, or family-based guardianship.

(2) Lineal descent is established by way of filiation or adoption.”


The law reiterates that the life of the fetus starts with the moment of conception, that preparing for family life should be part of school curriculum, and that media services should broadcast programs that respect the institution of marriage and family.