A serious case of discrimination and violence against women has just taken
place in Mexico. A young woman accused of having an abortion has been
sentenced to 23 years in prison, which has inspired an urgent national,
regional and international campaign in solidarity.
On January 20. 2011, in the State of Baja California, Mexico, a
21-year-old woman was sentenced to serve a prison sentence of 23 years for
the crime of aggravated homicide (specifically, parricide) for what the
accused says was a miscarriage in 2008.

On December 26, 2008, amendments to the Constitution of the State of Baja
California were adopted to protect life from the moment of conception,
similar to reforms promoted in 15 states throughout the Republic. Thanks
to such acts of dogmatism and ignorance, contrary to the principle of
equality and fundamental rights in general, authorities from three states
so far have sought to imprison women who have made decisions with regard
to their bodies, exercising their rights to equality and freedom from
discrimination and their sexual and reproductive rights.

Therefore, many organizations and individuals committed to equality and
women’s citizenship are demanding that the Governor of Baja California,
José Guadalupe Osuna Millán, authorize the immediate release of the woman,
who was sentenced as a murderer and condemned serve a 23-year prison

They also urge the State Congress of Baja California and the president of
this legislative body, Nancy Sánchez Arredondo, to observe and enforce
regulations protecting women’s human rights, demanding that the State
Government respect the separation of Church and State and ensure respect
for women’s human rights.

Finally, they ask the Human Rights Ombudsman of Baja California protect
the rights and legal status of women in that state in order to ensure the
effective protection of individual rights, strictly in accordance with the

The demand is signed by the Red Iberoamericana Pro Derechos Humanos Alaide
Foppa A.C., Federación de Mujeres Universitaria de Baja California.

Signatures in support of these demands should be sent to the following