The controversial decision of the university teaching hospital in Bratislava to stop carrying out abortions has been taken back. The news was confirmed  by the head of the hospital today for daily SME.

Abortions are legal in Slovakia up to the 12th week of pregnancy. According to the official announcement from last week, the university teaching hospital in Bratislava has decided to stop carrying out patient-requested abortions at its three clinics from 1 February. The issue has raised questions about whether current health minister from the Christian democratic party KDH, Ivan Uhliarik, might have been behind the move. According to daily Pravda, the decision was made unofficially and without due justification, although it is allegedly based on the demand of the physicians to have the right to conscientiously object to doing certain work that goes against their religious faith. Conscientious objection is one of the issues that the KDH party feels strongly about. Uhliarik says abortions have been refused for years and that it is nothing new, pointing to the hospital in Nove Zamky as an example, where no voluntary abortions have been carried out for six years already.

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