In a draft of the country’s new constitution Hungary´s ruling party said “that life must be protected from the beginning”. Due to this position Hungary might be the next European country to ban abortion.

Hungary legalized abortion in 1956 and improved the law in 1992. Since the introduction of the liberal abortion law in 1992, abortion was available on request during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy to preserve women´s mental and physical health as well as in cases of rape or incest and foetal impairment. In addition, the law allowed abortions later in pregnancy for health reasons, for reasons of foetal defect and for cases in which the pregnancy was the result of a criminal act.

But things could change easily now. The ruling party in Hungary has the two-third majority in parliament and therefore  the power to criminalize abortion. The Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán is known to be right-wing and pro-catholic.

Earlier in December Pope Benedickt told the Hungarian ambassador it was ““desirable that the new constitution be inspired by Christian values, particularly in what concerns the position of marriage and the family in society and the protection of life.”

It really looks like Hungary is heading into the same direction as Poland were abortion is illegal since the 1990´s with  devastating consequences for women. Many women especially the poor ones often risk their lives because of unsafe abortions performed under adverse conditions.