The conference on abortion to be held this weekend in Seville has claimed its first victim before birth. The hotel that will host is the victim of a relentless campaign of harassment by anti-abortion organizations in a desperate and probably futile attempt not to hold the meeting.

The Meliá Sevilla hosts from today until next Saturday, the ninth congress of the International Federation of Professional Abortion and Contraception (FIAPAC), with the participation of professionals from over 40 countries, and has the backing of the Ministry Health of the Andalusian and the city of Seville.

Well, your say, and organizations like Right to Life have announced a boycott of the hotel Meliá Group, with a view to concluding in Madrid, the World Congress of Families (WCF), bringing together in 2012 to about 1,100 people in the capital of Spain.

These organizations pro-life, in fact, have warned that withdrawing from the documentation of that conference, organized by both, any reference to each and every one of the group’s hotels, to prevent participants in the same staying in them.

“The decision to withdraw the facilities of Meliá Group of documentation that will be served prior to the Congress,” said in a statement a spokesman for these associations, “has been taken because the hotel group is hosting this weekend the congress muncial of the magnates of the abortion industry, which discussed how to improve techniques to streamline its procedures at the time of killing children. ”

The organizers of the anti-abortion conference in Madrid warn that this boycott will extend to all events organized by any of the associations that are after the conference.
Great protest

The congress this weekend in Seville in Seville not only meet the professionals who participate in it, but thousands of antiabortion activists who arrived in Spain, for what they have chartered buses that depart from cities such as Avila, Cadiz, Granada, Jaén, Madrid, Malaga and even a plane from Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The Pro-Life and the Spanish Family Forum, which have joined the boycott Meliá Group, have called for Saturday, October 23 demonstration at the gates of the hotel hosting the conference, from 12.00.

Not the only protest the weekend about the conclusion of the congress in Seville FIAPAC. On Friday, October 22, at night, at 21.00, Men’s Forum for Equality has called a rally at Plaza de la Virgen de los Reyes, under the motto “Criminalizing abortion is sexist violence.”
The hotel employer calls for restraint

The Hotel Association of Seville and Province has rejected a statement the campaign of “harassment and demolition excessive and disproportionate, that from certain social groups are being encouraged in recent days” against the Meliá Sevilla, and by extension against Meliá.

Sevilla hotel employers also made “an appeal to reason and sanity, rejects all about the pronouncements that have circulated over the network, leading to excess, and urges the co-convenor of the merger, which seems to be that will celebrate in front of the Hotel, to resolve their differences, legitimate, in this field with other media and in other areas and social forums.