Believe it or not, abortion is still illegal in most of Australia! And a young

couple in Cairns, Queensland is being prosecuted for “procuring” an

abortion through the use of RU-486, a drug that is commonly prescribed

in the U.S. For decades, Australian officials didn’t take action against

women who chose to terminate a pregnancy. But under pressure of the

international “Right to Life” movement, including groups that originate in the

U.S., the right of women to control their own bodies is under tremendous


Radical Women in Melbourne, Australia is part of a nationwide organizing

effort to get the charges dropped against the Cairns couple and to get anti-

abortion laws off the books. You can help by signing the online petition at

Please forward this message to your friends and promote it on your Facebook and

MySpace pages and Twitter account. The deadline for signatures is

October 1.

To read more about this issue and the October 9 National Day of Action

Rallies in Australia, please visit the Radical Women website at

There you can download a petition to circulate, endorse the nationwide Day of Action,

and read more about the Cairns case. A recent article on the case is also

on a recent Ms. Magazine blog at Ms. Magazine blog! See


To donate to the Melbourne organizing, please click here to contribute via


Thank you for spreading the word and helping our sisters Down-Under win

the fight for reproductive justice.

In struggle,

Anne Slater

National Organizer

U.S. Radical Women

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