Criticism has led the Education Ministry to withdraw the country’s first-ever sex education guide from its website just months after publication in Czech Republic . The “Sex Education: Selected Topics” guide was launched in April and immediately drew criticism from the Catholic Church. After receiving the criticism from the Catholic Church, the ministry stood by its decision, saying sex education was needed as part of a holistic approach to promote and protect health in schools. The guide’s topics include the protection of reproductive health of adolescents, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual orientation, child abuse and neglect as well as the importance of parents monitoring Internet use by minors. The ministry said an urgent approach was needed following the results of various analyses that showed an increase in the number of HIV cases, rising levels of sexually transmitted diseases and increased domestic violence. Now, after the change of minister of education and new wave of criticism, coming this time from parents, the new minister announced that the controversial guide is to be retracted from the ministry’s website.