A majority of gynaecologists in Northern Ireland do not support abortion law as it stands, a new academic survey has shown. The research, conducted at Middlesex University, involved interviews with 37 out of the 42 practising gynaecologists in Northern Ireland, and revealed that 57% support liberalising current abortion law, with many willing to carry out abortion under certain circumstances.

The data, which was published earlier this year, shows that 70% would be willing to perform terminations on grounds of foetal abnormality, while 68% agreed that abortion should be legal in cases of rape. The author of the paper, Colin Francome, said, ‘This is the second study I have carried out looking at the views of gynaecologists in Northern Ireland. This shows that the vast majority agree with the opinion that I also hold that the situation for women with an unwanted pregnancy is very unfair.’

Dr. Audrey Simpson, OBE, Director of fpa Northern Ireland, adds, ‘A woman’s right to choose cannot continue to be ignored. It’s time to stop pretending that Northern Ireland women are different from women in the rest of the UK. The simple fact is they are not. When faced with an unplanned or crisis pregnancy they deserve and have a right to access health care services that are freely available in the rest of the UK.’

Find out more at Abortion Review or visit the fpa website for information on their Time for Change campaign.