Women in Wales are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain abortions quickly in the country, forcing many to either look for new places to have the procedure done early or have a later abortion.

Wales Online reports:

With new statistics showing one in 36 16 to 19-year-olds in Wales having had a pregnancy terminated, teenagers are being forced to wait for up to a month.

And experts warn a lack of provision is forcing girls to look for services other than their local GP.

The number of abortions carried out in Wales is actually in decline.

But, with only one specialist clinic in the country – in Cardiff – many young women are having to wait until much later in their pregnancy to get an abortion.

“Girls are staying pregnant for much longer than they want to. If they go to their GP at nine or 10 weeks, the doctor has to then refer them for a consultation with the NHS, which may take another three or four weeks before an appointment is available.

“And then they won’t get the treatment immediately.”

Later terminations can sometimes increase the chance for complications, but of course, those who are against abortion think forcing teens to wait is just fine.  GP David Bailey, chairman of the Welsh GP’s Committee said things are moving just fast enough.  “I think you should have at least a week’s cooling off period between one part of the process and the next.”