6000 people according to the organizers participated to this march on mothers’ day 30th May. “Scores of young couples and families, who frequently traveled for the first time, animated joyfully the March.  The protesters fervently testified to their commitment to defend the life of every person from conception until natural death.

In this period of campaigning for the presidential election, the participants called candidates to remember the unborn and to resist the pro-abortion lobbies very active in Brussels.  Father Piotr Skarga Foundation and the Foundation PRO, organizers of the event, have sent a letter to presidential candidates about the law to prevent domestic violence, that affects the family institution. The family needs support, and the law should establish conditions for creating strong and lasting relationships.

The project of society built by Europe must ensure first and foremost the most fundamental of all human rights: the right to be born.  The parade in Warsaw was attended by several Polish MPs and candidates and pro-life activists from France (Droit de naître), United States (American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property), Germany (Kinder in Gefahr), Portugal and even Brazil.”

these informations are from the french anti-choice site: http://www.avortementivg.com/content/europe/succes-de-la-marche-pour-la-vie-la-famille-a-varsovie

Observers from Towarzystwo Rozwoju Rodziny commented, that the march was not very significant.

Every year one of nationalistic and catholic organization named “National Day for Life Foundation” is organizing a march  – demonstration which is called March for Life, or March of Life, or March for Life and Family – in different papers you could find different names. Usually they are meeting with very cold public reaction. People who organize it are related with Fronda – well known in Poland ultra catholic and nationalistic NGO related with extreme wing of Law and Justice party. Recently – after some idiotic media appearances they lost political support. Even representatives of church pointed them as “group which in the name of church spreading hate what cannot be accepted”.

The number of the participants of that event cannot be confirmed. The organizer of the march reporting about 6000-4000 people but in media was information about “few hundreds”. It’s hard to estimate because the march was organized as the part of the “City of Mercy” – the joint event (or better fair) of Catholics NGOs.

A similar march was organized also in Rzeszow but it was finished with great scandal, because organizers cheated directors of schools. Schools directors were informed that it will be manifestation of young people to let them express they vitality (it was also organized round International Day of Child) but when young people came it appeared that it would be march against abortion and in-vitro. There was intervention of police and a lot of explanations in media from Municipal Department of Education.

Much more important will be the Gay Parade in July – there is already lot of fight around it because of topic of the parade – gay families and children adoption.